Alpine area

Nature and tranquillity in the mountains, where you can touch the sky

Luoghi Di Interesse della Alpine area

Meduno / Stone and Stone-Cutters

Because the local stone is particularly suited to being worked, Meduno has been for centuries the home of ...

Forni di Sopra / Villages and fountains

Forni di Sopra is the only historical centre that has survived in the valley that was known as Forni Savorgnani from ...

Zovello / ‘Las cidulas’

Every year on the eve of Saints Peter and Paul, June 28, in the village of Zovello the young men of the village ...

Illegio / The mill ‘dal Flec’

One goes up to Illegio (better if you say Dieç) to enjoy art treasures. There is, also, a treasure of nature that ...

Val Resia / Resia garlic

The Resia Valley has long interested scholars and is famed for its carnival, singing, dances, characteristic music, ...

Pontebba / The ‘Tae’

Pontebba is the only locality in the Val Canale, apart from San Leopoldo, to still celebrate tae, a festival held on ...

Gli Itinerari della Alpine area


The King of Rivers

The dolomites and the lakes

Beneath the Peaks

The three borders

On the trail of ancient traditions

In the land of the ‘Agane’

Following the Turquoise Waters

Between the mountains and the plain

Mount San Simeone and surrounds

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Sport and Nature

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Food and Taste

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Culture and Traditions