High Plain

Un tuffo nella storia. Dentro il richiamo irresistibile di un passato che sembra ritornare

Luoghi Di Interesse della High Plain

Gonars / The Corno Marshes

There is a territory called the ‘Paludi del Corno’ south of Gonars: fortunately excluded from the projects of ...

San Vito al Tagliamento / The Burg

The medieval burg, which originally centred around the area known as ‘Castello’, had two perimeter walls, a moat and ...

Stupizza / Predrobac and the Bears

Just before Stupizza, on the right of the Natisone River, one finds the remains of the ancient hamlet of Predrobac ...

Cavasso Nuovo / The ‘Palaçat’

The imposing Palazzo Polcenigo-Fanna, known locally as the Palaçat, is a fine example of an aristocratic Friulian ...

Aviano / The Garden of Villa Policreti

Villa Policreti, now Fabris, was built in the second half of the 16th century. It is surrounded by one of the most ...

Azzano X / The Music Fair

The fair, held in late June/early July, hosts national and international acts, a vinyl disc market, music contests, an ...

Gli Itinerari della High Plain

Along the pre-alpine railway

At the Foot of the Cansiglio

In the land of the ‘Agane’

Following the Turquoise Waters

Between the mountains and the plain

Mount San Simeone and surrounds

The Castle Trail

The Moraine Hills

In the Heart of Friuli

The High Plain

The Land Of The Springs

The Lowland Plains

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