Low Plain

A journey through towns and beaches, seashores and enthralling hamlets

Luoghi Di Interesse della Low Plain

Torviscosa / Town and Factory

The industrial town of Torviscosa was founded in 1937 on the initiative of SNIA-Viscosa. It is one of the most ...

Flambruzzo / The Castle

In the 18th century, in common with many other Friulian castles at the time, the fortress was transformed into a ...

Straccis / The Village

Closely connected with the Tagliamento River, it is a typical rural village with the buildings on either side of the ...

Santa Marizza / Sergio Maldini and ‘The House in the North-East’

Sergio Maldini (1923-1998), published La casa a Nord-Est in 1992, a novel set in Santa Marizza di Varmo, where he ...

Strassoldo / The Chapel of Santa Maria in Vineis

At Strassoldo, not far from the famous castles, one finds the Chapel of Santa Maria in Vineis, the name of which ...

Canoeing Along the Stella

The River Stella begins slightly to the south of the village of Sterpo in Bertiolo, at the confluence of three streams. ...

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