Low Plain

A journey through towns and beaches, seashores and enthralling hamlets

Luoghi Di Interesse della Low Plain

Passariano / Villa Manin

Among the Friulian residences it is without a doubt that of the most prestige and fame, whose spectacular stateliness ...

Clauiano / The Church of San Marco

Scarcely outside Clauiano, in a green clearing, in the shade of a pleasant wood, stands the little 14th century ...

Aiello / Sundials and the Museum of Peasant Culture

Aiello is famous for its sundials, which are displayed on the walls of local houses and in various places around the ...

Aiello / The Essences and Flavourings Factory

This local firm, set up in 1924 by Dr. Zandegiacomo to supply essences and flavourings for liqueurs, confectionery, and ...

Straccis / The Village

Closely connected with the Tagliamento River, it is a typical rural village with the buildings on either side of the ...

Mortegliano / The Cathedral

Constructed in neo-Gothic style and in an octagonal shape in the second half of the 19th century by Andrea Scala, ...

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