Venezia Giulia and Karst

Influences of different cultures blended into the flavours of Karst

Luoghi Di Interesse della Venezia Giulia and Karst

Fossalon / The Nature Reserve ‘Valle Cavanata’

Once a fishing valley, it is now a regional nature reserve, a short distance from Grado, and equipped with ...

Gradno / The Church of San Giorgio

This church in the Slovenian hamlet of Gradno is well worth a visit. A road takes the visitor up the hill to the ...

Medana / Poetry and Wine Days

In late August, worldwide poets gather in Medana, a Slovenian village just across the Italian border, to recite their ...

Duino Aurisina / The Nature Reserve of the Cliffs

This regional reserve, the only example of high cliffs in the northern Adriatic, extends for over 107 hectares and can ...

Miramare / The Castle and the Empress Sissi

To build this extraordinary residence, in the mid 19th century, the Archduke of Austria Maximilian Habsburg ...

Carso / The Stone Fortifications

While not as old as the pyramids, these ancient hill-forts in the provinces of Gorizia and Trieste have a history ...

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