Venezia Giulia and Karst

Influences of different cultures blended into the flavours of Karst

Luoghi Di Interesse della Venezia Giulia and Karst

Manzano / ‘Rosazzo da rosa’

At the beginning of May, the Abbey hosts a three-day fair in honour of the queen of flowers, the rose. Here one can ...

Opicina / The Tram

The tram linking Piazza Oberdan in the centre of Trieste to the high plains of the Carso has been running since 1902 ...

Cormons / The ‘Enoteca’

This wine shop and bar is virtually a ‘temple’ to wine. Run by the wine producers’ cooperative of Cormons, it showcases ...

Duino Aurisina / The Nature Reserve of the Cliffs

This regional reserve, the only example of high cliffs in the northern Adriatic, extends for over 107 hectares and can ...

Redipuglia / The War Memorial and the guided tours

The Memorial, which contains the remains of over one hundred thousand soldiers, is a tragic symbol of the ...

Cormons / The Plessiva Woods

This natural recreation park, which is situated at the foot of Mt Quarin, extends over 33 hectares, with gentle ...

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