Venezia Giulia and Karst

Influences of different cultures blended into the flavours of Karst

Luoghi Di Interesse della Venezia Giulia and Karst

Mossa / The ‘Rio Toccai’

This stream between Mossa and Capriva and the area of ‘Tocàis’, where it is located, were both invoked in attempts ...

Grado / The Baptistery

The baptistery is to the left of Sant’Eufemia, and has large Roman sarcophagi in front of it. It is a building with ...

Redipuglia / The War Memorial and the guided tours

The Memorial, which contains the remains of over one hundred thousand soldiers, is a tragic symbol of the ...

San Michele del Carso / The War Memorial

This memorial to those who fell in the bloody battles of the Great War contains a museum with artefacts and ...

Santa Croce / The Way of the Sage

In the heart of the Triestine Carso, between Santa Croce and Aurisina, this path permits one to enjoy the splendid view ...

Gradisca / The Fortified Town

In 1474, to defend itself from Turkish raids, the Serenissima founded the fortress of Gradisca, which from 1511 to 1918 ...

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