Venezia Giulia and Karst

Influences of different cultures blended into the flavours of Karst

Luoghi Di Interesse della Venezia Giulia and Karst

Mossa / The ‘Rio Toccai’

This stream between Mossa and Capriva and the area of ‘Tocàis’, where it is located, were both invoked in attempts ...

Duino Aurisina / The Path of the Fishermen

From the small harbour of Canovella degli Zoppoli (called thus because it is the name of the boats, about 7 m long and ...

Camino / The Churches

The Church of San Giacomo, in the village of Camino, possibly dates back to the 13th century. It has a charming rustic ...

Mossa / Villa Codelli

The villa estate (late 16th century), now a winery and concert venue, consists of a country house, the Chapel of Santa ...

Doberdò del Lago / The Doberdò and Pietrarossa Nature Reserve

The reserve, which covers a 727 hectare area between Doberdò del Lago, Monfalcone and Ronchi dei Legionari, includes ...

Grado / The Historical Centre

The old city offers a setting that has remained practically unaltered over time: a labyrinth of medieval narrow ...

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